What is PlaidPocket ?
PlaidPocket is a payment system that provides a multicurrency wallet supporting instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and vice versa, receiving and sending funds easy, just in a few clicks.
Verification, control, etc.
The peculiarity of PlaidPocket is that users are free from any control. You will never be asked to verify your account, to explain the purpose of the payment, etc. Once you register an account you get full control over your funds, and this will never change, this is the basic rule.

Any sort of verification asked by a third party used to top up your PlaidPocket account isn't related to PlaidPocket, but only to the third party. Once the funds on your PlaidPocket account - the funds become anonymous and free of external control.
Invariable fixed fees :
Exchange of any for any currency - 0.5%
Send funds to a PlaidPocket user (both fiat and crypto) - 0% (free)
Receive funds (both fiat and crypto) - 0% (free)

Variable over time fees:
Send BTC to not PlaidPocket user : 0.0004 BTC
Send ETH to not PlaidPocket user : 0.0012 ETH
*Fees from this group are being changed automatically to guarantee fast confirmation of a transaction by a crypto network. The PlaidPocket algorithm does the best to find a balance of minimal fee paid and fast confirmation guaranteed, and adjusts the fee value timely.

No more fees apply.
PlaidPocket authorization is based on Telegram. Telegram is the most secure and reliable messenger among existing at the moment. It provides the ability to keep access to your account safe and secure and receive notifications timely.
Which currencies are supported ?
Supported fiat currencies are : USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, RUB, INR, THB
Supported cryptocurrency is BTC
How to pay with PlaidPocket ?
You can instantly send payments in crypto to any address, both within PlaidPocket and outside.
You can send instant payments in fiat currencies to any PlaidPocket user.
How to get paid with PlaidPocket ?
You can receive payments in crypto to your personal crypto addresses, easy created in the profile. Such payments may be sent both from outside and from other PlaidPocket users

You can receive fiat money from PlaidPocket users to your personal PlaidPocket address (PlaidID).

How to invest with PlaidPocket ?
PlaidPocket provides instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Such an exchange is not only instant, but also almost free. It's always carried out at market rates with charging a fixed fee of only 0.5%. Therefore, Plaidpocket is widely used as a unique investment tool that allows users to switch their savings currency depending on market trends.